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The Feasts
Yom Kippur(im) - The Day of Atonements
This was the day when the nation of Israel was atoned. It is a reminder of God's eternal love for His chosen people, Israel. It is time of preparation of Israel to intercede for the nations of the world.

Yom Kippurim – Day of Atonements

The first thing one notices is the title for the day. In Hebrew the word Kippurim is plural, that is why we call it atonements. The word comes from the time God covered Adam and Eve with animal skins. The term cover is the Hebrew word Kappar. Tradition calls this Yom Kippur indicating one atonement. We prefer to use the biblical name for this day, Kippurim.

As mentioned elsewhere, these days are really appointments with God, called Moedim. Let’s remember that this is not a New Year time but the feasts of the seventh (7th) month; it is God’s month! This day is to be celebrated on the tenth (10th) day of the 7th month. The number 7 we know is God’s number and 10 represents testimony, law and government. If we put the pieces so far together, we see that there is prophetic significance in coming together and remembering this date! So as New Testament believers, why should we celebrate this day and how should we celebrate this day.

It was on this date that Israel had a very special celebration. It consisted of the High Priest, specially appointed, specially prepared and with very detailed instructions, entering the Holy of Holies, not once, but twice and sprinkling blood on the mercy seat each time. The first entrance into the Holy of Holies was to atone for the sins of the high priest. The second time he came in, he atoned for the Nation of Israel. For more information see Leviticus chapter 16.

If we look at what transpires next, we see that Israel on the ensuing feast has special atonement provisions which we believe indicates intercession for the nations! The next feast is the feast of Sukkot to be celebrated on the 15th day of the 7th month. That is 5 days after the 10th. Five (5) is the number of Grace. So, Israel was atoned by the High Priest so that they could intercede, call for grace, for the rest of the nations of the world. Remember, you and I as new covenant believers are called priests and as such we are called to intercede for the not yet saved (the lost).

However, in Leviticus 23 we are called to a most sacred time by having to “afflict ourselves.” Tradition over the millennia has interpreted this as fasting! However, in the New Testament, we are no longer to afflict ourselves as our final atonement has been accomplished. Yet, fasting and intercessory prayer are an integral part of what we are to do.

Therefore, we celebrate this day, not in the tradition of fasting for ourselves. We encourage all to use this gathering time as an intercessory prayer time for the nations of the world today.