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Service and Worship
The act of worship is among the most important and fundamental aspects of a believer's life in Messiah; it is a doorway to intimacy with our Creator.
Our Shabbat Service begins at 10:00 AM on Saturday - the Sabbath! Location may change - check the front page or call for more information!

Services at Or HaOlam begin with a time of prayerful meditation. This is followed by a time of celebratory praise that generally leads from the outer court through the inner court and into a state of deep worship in the Holy of Holies.

Our worship time is characterized not so much by technical correctness but by a heartfelt desire to meet with God and is often accompanied by dance. Following worship, or sometimes in the midst of worship, we share in the Eucharist--the "thanksgiving" or communion. Following this, we generally transition to a time of receiving of the word of God for our lives. Once the message is complete, we share in the breaking of bread, usually a meal, with one another.